London Taxi 
 Nobody likes me anymore... Notting Hill Two generations in Chelsea Side to side on Piccadilly How many taxis it takes to fill a double-decker?
 Old double-decker 

 Many a Mini St.John's Wood... face to face in Chelsea An old Mini for some, an old Rolls for others Sexy in the City Locked up for bad behavior in St.John's Wood
 Middle class - Rovers are MIA, Discos are few and far between... Not too many Jags, either. 
A Series One in Camden A Series Two in Westminster A Series Three in St.John's Wood Lone XK in St.John's Wood
 Range Rovers - in captivity...    ... and free-range.  
  Pimped-out Sport in Chelsea Face to face with a Freelander in Westminster Following the royal ride
 Absolutely, not for the masses 
Say it isn't Prince Charles! - Rolling out of Buckingham Palace    Old glory in Chelsea
 Significant others:
 Defenders: seems like there's a quota of no more than one per borough (Chelsea and Westminster passed on, opting for Gelaendewagens instead).
 P38A Range Rovers handed down to kids, shod in 22" rims, and otherwise neglected. Classics MIA - one rare two-door '79 spotted in 4 days.
 Other nameplates: Rovers: seen one. Vauxhall: none. Caterham - one. MG - none. Ford Mondeo - 10 thousand.